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The Niedzica Castle (up to the 19th century called Dunajec Castle) was build by the Hungarians in the first quarter of the 14th century.
It stood long centuries as a frontier post on the Dunajec river keeping watch over the northern frontier of the Spisz territory, just opposite the Polish Castle Czorsztyn across the river.
It belonged in turn to several Hungarian noble families, owners and colonizers of the Zamagurze region: the Berzevicsy, Drugeth, Zapolya, Horvath, Joanelli and Salomon.

In a short period about the middle of the 16th century its owners were two Polish magnates: Jerome and Olbracht Łaski. After the I World War the Niedzica Castle was incorporated in the Polish State together with the northern part of the Spisz. Nationalized after the II World War it was entrusted to the Association of Art Historians and adapted for a hotel and a museum.

The military functions of the castle affected considerably its architecture. Sieges, conquests, fires, mostly during the interior wars in the Hungarian Kingdom in the 16/17th centuries, brought the Upper Castle to ruin. The castle underwent a thorough restoration in 1950-1960. Consolidated in its ancient structures and fitted with all the necessary installations it lost nothing of its romantic aspect and atmosphere.

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